About the Lainzine

so what is this thing?

the Lainzine is a free, not-for-profit zine created (largely) by / for fans of the late-90s anime Serial Experiments Lain and the many relevant communities, websites, and dusty art-projects it has inspired over the last decades. topics covered include "digital life", the intersection of art and computers, cyberpunk themes, programming and opsec, pseudo-religious technobabble, and whatever else people feel like sharing, all presented in a lain-inspired aesthetique format.

ok, so why should i care?

well, if any of the topics above seem interesting to you, have a look at the archive. "production quality" varies a bit, as it's taken a while to figure out how best to present things and make them all pretty, but there's still interesting stuff to read no matter which you pick up.

and, if you like what you see there and have something you want to share as well, please don't hesitate to read the submission guidelines and do so! as a free community project, the lainzine is what people make of it, with those people being anyone at all who feels some sort of affiliation with lain and the many things the name has come to mean. so don't feel like your work or ideas don't belong just because they differ a bit from what's been in past zines. we're all connected, after all :P

if you have any questions (or just feel like saying hello), either shoot an email at lainzine@protonmail.com or stop by #lainzine on Freenode!

i like these topics, but your stuff's lame

here are a few links to interesting people, then:




go look at them instead!