Submission Guidelines

so you have a cool thing and want to see it in the zine? ok! first thing to check: what kind of thing is it? generally, what gets sent in will be accepted (and things will probably stay that way, barring some kind of flood necessitating that things be rejected). however, there are a few things that won't (knowingly) be published:

a few examples of things likely to go over well:

so that's the what and why. as for how:

content printed in our volumes indicates rights extended to us (exclusively) to modify and reprint the work under the volume's license. authors remain the sole authority on how their content is used outside of the lainzine.

until further notice (announced on this page), present and future zines will be released under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. see here for more details.

as for release dates, because this is a non-profit community project, the general mentality is "it's done when it's done". we apologise for any annoyance this may cause, and, if you think you can help things along, feel free to email about that as well.

until next time (^_^)/