Volume 6

the new edition of lainzine is available here.

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We have not been dormant.

Interviews for track44 are complete, and the estimated release for the first track44 issue will be sometime in the summer of 2024. For this issue we plan to release all interviews and have ~10 interviews, several articles, and original cover art. It will also release alongside a mixtape of ~12 songs by various artists who browse lainchan. Textual Submissions are still open and we are seeking one more long-form article about music for the release. If you have any writing on music that you'd like to submit, send it with track44 in the subject to one of our emails, lainzine at proton.me or riseup.net. track44 will be typeset by dolls and released under the viral public license.

Also on the subject of music, our radio is back online and we will be streaming a set tomorrow by heimi233. In the past couple years, we have hosted several sets by underground DJs we found exceptional, but in the next year we plan to release at least two sets by names you may recognize.

Volume 6 is also nearing completion - in fact, we should be on the penultimate draft to release, with only 3 changes to make before the typeset is ready - expect a release date sometime in January. The last stretch of typesetting for this issue is carried out by Junk and danceswithwood. Concurrently, we are working on webpage templates for volume 7 and other future volumes, as well as backissues, that should be publication-ready in about 2 months. Finally, as we have accumulated 20 submissions for volume 7, we will be closing submissions for volume 7 - unless things turn out to be less than expected, any new articles we receive will be used in volume 8.


In the past year, we've begun to work on a music-themed release of the lainzine called track 44. alongside track 44 will be a mixtape featuring esper99, birdcatchr, xtorinx, and police dogs. track44 will contain the interviews with Esper99 and Machine Girl, among others alongside original artwork from infinite livez. We are still open to submissions for track44 so if you want to see a track potentially on the mix or have an article for the release, please contact us!

We have also been organizing DJ sets to play on weekends on our reincarnation of the lain radio. We have so far featured Cherish Port and CJ Iwakura. If you'd like to do a set, get in touch and we'll work you in. The radio is also going to play a 24/7 stream of what played on the lainchan radio in 2015 when nobody is DJing.

As for lainzine 6, the previous typesetters (kasse and subuki) became occupied, so responsibility has shifted to Reagan and others. A rough draft of the previous lainzine 6 is available to those close. We are currently drafting templates for volume 6 that should finally make a regular release schedule possible, we are also going to release articles as individual webpages.

Back-issues of the lainzine are fully converted to webpages, however, they do not look like lainzine.org. We are currently working on this and if you are interested in helping with the effort you are free to get in touch.

Volume 7 is accepting submissions. We also have a new submission address at riseup.net.


Please check out the brand-new lain project: a recreation of the Serial Experiments: Lain videogame. Leading the project, ad is seeking volunteers familiar with 3d modeling, typescript and react, game development, bitmap fonts, or if you are generally interested. You can join on discord.

Also, a zine update: our apologies for the delays. COVID19 has made things a little bit chaotic, but we hope to be back on schedule soon with the release of lainzine 6. We hope you and your loved ones are safe.


Thank you for being patient these past 8 months. We've finished copy-editing every article, and are currently making a final PDF of lainzine 6, which should release sometime in the next week or 2. The articles:

We will also be releasing 2 interviews, with Zoe Nawar and Machine Girl.

We have sold many copies of the Richmond Zine Fest release of lainzine 5, which is still available for purchase! all proceeds go to President Reagan, the typesetter of Volume 5. To support the lainzine in other ways, see our patreon, liberapay, and paypal. Or send us bitcoin.

Submissions for future releases are now open. You can submit articles to our email. We will be moving from a volume-based release cycle to a continuous release schedule, where articles will be released at the same frequency they are submitted, as webpages on the site. Every 5-10 articles, we will curate a zine of articles and release a PDF, as well as sell a physical copy. This is to keep the lainzine on a regular release schedule, and prevent bottlenecks caused by all of our content being in huge PDFs, while also keeping in mind the preferences of readers who liked the PDFs. Once lainzine 6 is released, expect to see a big PDF of lainzine 5 content, and potentially an anthology of lainzines 4, 5, and 6 as well.



Copy-editing has begun for lainzine 6, but we are still accepting submissions for the release until Tuesday (at the earliest). If you'd like to help out, we're using Keybase to discuss new submissions and peer-review.

Last night, the mailing list was first updated as well.



Auntie's first full typeset has been uploaded!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Along with some really nice looking cover pages for several LZ5 pieces, courtesy of President Reagan.

Additionally, we're hosting Hello From The Wired for posterity. We are currently up to 8 text releases for lainzine 6, and are waiting on 2 more to come in, but we haven't run out of room yet! we can definitely accept 1-2 more pieces for this release, and you are always welcome to submit for inclusion in future releases. In the meanwhile, check out our new friends at surfaces magazine, a prose-and-poetry publication that seems to like us, and also another site with some very important content up this month.

Finally, the newsletter mailing list has been created. I will be adding everyone who emailed me about it shortly, but you can also just subscribe.



Please welcome Auntie, the newest member of our team! He will be supporting President Reagan in the typesetting and page layout.

More updates: From the survey results you are still sending in (:o), we've decided to create a mailing list! email lainzine@protonmail.com to be added, and we will try to get everyone who already contacted us about it, too. We are thinking about RSS and a Matrix bridge for our current IRC room (#lainzine on freenode) as well, the current issue is that we don't have a dedicated server for these things - neocities does not provide any sort of server-side programming that would make an RSS feed easy to update and not involve typing in XML stuff by hand.

We are still working on lainzine 5, and expect to release a PDF in February. Thank you so much for being patient, and in the meanwhile, be sure to check out Auntie's typeset of Nyx Land's Cyber-Nihilist Manifesto. "The typesetting kind of surpasses the text itself lmao" - Nyx Land, twitter.

Also be sure to check out Black Fog Zine, a newly-released last year weird art online magazine that started the same place we did.

Moving forward is trying to print physical releases: we've reached out to find local printers in Europe (Corsica), but thru survey results we are also interested in printing services in Australia, the United States, and Brazil, among others. We are looking for local services to have as little overhead as possible, so those interested in buying copies can pay as little as possible. We are also thinking about making merchandise in-house, such as clothes and stickers. Stay tuned for details!

Finally, lainzine 6 currently has 5 article submissions and 16 pieces of original artwork (submitted by 2 artists) so far, as well as 1-3 additional works we may include depending on how much more content is sent. Submissions are absolutely still open, so if you have anything you want to submit, or for us to review, or even to start writing something, now would be a perfect time to do that. Thank you again for enjoying our work all these years.



Polling encouraged us to bold the titles of every article on volume 5 that was finished in the PDF. We are still polling, and would really like it if people took the 9-question survey about our content. Other results so far have been that you all like the technical howtos but would like to see more art and "abstract," philosophical sort of content and commentary. We are looking into the problem somebody is having with qutebrowser, and @ the lain who asked for my phone number it is [redacted].

Liberapay has finally fixed their team donation feature, meaning that you no longer have to donate to individual team members and can instead donate to the whole project's collective fund. Thank you all for the support so far!